How to create a cat-friendly home

How to create a cat-friendly home

Inspired by Marie Kondo, many people are having an early 'spring clean' and tidying their homes. Having an organised home, with everything in the right place, can affect how we feel -- and the same is true for cats.

According to a recent blog by Cats Protection, where you place items in your household can have a noticeable effect on how your cat behaves. The right environment is important for a cat, which is why they might seem stressed or disorientated in certain situations.


So how can you make the space in your home appealing to your feline friend?

Firstly, when you bring home a new cat, provide a hiding space to make the cat feel safe -- a box in a high place is ideal. Leave the cat alone to explore their room for an hour or so before greeting them. Once they are confident with you, they're ready to meet the rest of the family.


Litter Tray

Wherever you choose to place your cat's litter tray, make sure it is in a quiet room that the cat always has access to.

Try to avoid busy areas such as the hallway or kitchen, and keep the litter tray away from things that can be scary for the cat, such as washing machines or other appliances. Also try to avoid exposed areas, such as beside glass patio doors where neighbouring cats might be able to see them. If you've got more than one cat, each cat should have its own litter tray -- and avoid having the trays next to each other.


Food and Water

Cats like to have a quiet place to eat, away from other cats.

Place your cat's food bowl and water bowl away from each other, as they don't like to drink in the same place as where they eat. And remember that, just like us, they don't want to eat close to where they go to the toilet!


General Behaviour

Cats love to get up high, and they love to hide.

Try providing comfortable access to off-the-ground places and provide covered items, like a cardboard box, in each room. Cats are often likely to scratch their claws wherever they wake up or close to entrances and exit points if they feel unsure -- these are often the ideal place to position a scratching post, Cats Protection says.


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