July's winners announced!

July's winners announced!

July's winners announced - Go Take it with Go Get it

Congratulations to the July winners of our nationwide competition - Go Take it with Go Get it.

Read on to find out this month's winners for each category:

  • Cutest Pet
  • Funniest Pet
  • Best Fancy Dressed Pet
  • Best Pet Caption
  • Naughtiest Pet

Funniest Pet

Photo Winner - Oscar


Video Winner - Yoda & Pablo


Cutest Pet

Photo Winner - Sansa & Arya


Video Winner - Rupert


Best Pet Caption

Photo Winner - Sylar

'Mike, get me looking into the distance, like I'm deep in thought, it's for my Snifflr profile... Snifflr, Mike, it's like Tinder but for dogs'


Video Winner - Pippa

'Pippa was showing her class after a long day looking after the family'


Naughtiest Pet

Photo Winner - Wookie


Video Winner - Lou Lou


Fancy Dress Pet

Photo Winner - Scout, Sparky & Misty


Video Winner - Archie


Not a Winner - Why not enter this month?

If you didn't win - don't worry you can enter every month until the end of November! Just click here and follow the instructions. Remember to keep checking our news page for the winners announcements and you can also stay up to date on all things Go Get it on our social accounts:

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