Make sure your spring clean is feline-friendly

Make sure your spring clean is feline-friendly

Spring is here! It's time to open up your windows and have a good clean -- but are your cleaning products safe for use around your pets?

A recent blog post from Cats Protection offers tips on how to make your spring clean feline-friendly.

Before you get started, think about what products you'll be using because some are poisonous to cats. Bleach, oven cleaner, dishwasher tablets and laundry detergent are among the products you should keep out of reach.

Also bear in mind that cats can be curious creatures and have even been known to drink from toilets and sinks, which can be dangerous if they contain something toxic.


If you're concerned that your cat has come into contact with toxic cleaning products, watch out for signs of poisoning which include:

- ulcers and sore looking skin, either on their paws or inside their mouth or on their tongue

- vomiting

- collapsing

- seeming to have less energy

- issues with appetite

- dribbling or foaming at the mouth

- rubbing their face and mouth with their paws


Contact your vet right away if your cat has any of these symptoms, and show the packaging of the cleaning product so the vet can give them the right treatment.

There are plenty of pet-safe cleaning products available and you can also use natural products such as baking soda, vinegar and lemon juice for a whole range of cleaning jobs in the home.

Whatever products you use, it makes sense to keep those little paws out of the way. Close your cat out of the room if you're mopping the floors or wiping down surfaces -- they're less likely to accidentally get cleaning products on their skin and you're less likely to end up with paw prints where you don't want them!

If you've just put bleach down the toilet, keep the toilet lid closed to ensure your cat doesn't start drinking.

And if your cat has worked out how to open cupboard doors, keep cleaning products on a high shelf -- or consider putting a childproof lock on the cupboard.

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