RSPCA expects influx of cats during 'kitten season'

RSPCA expects influx of cats during 'kitten season'

Thousands of cats are abandoned on UK streets every year, and with 'kitten season' just beginning the RSPCA is awaiting an influx of cats and kittens.

RSPCA figures provided to Cambridge News reveal that 19,235 abandoned cats were found across England in 2018.

That equates to 370 a week, 53 a day -- or more than two an hour.

Abandoned cats are often dumped in cardboard boxes or bags, or even left in a home when owners move out.

Most kittens are usually born between April and September, according to the RSPCA. This means that during 'kitten season' the animal welfare charity ends up with large numbers of young cats coming into its care.

And the charity said it has seen a "shocking peak" in abandonments over the summer period, with 58% more cats being dumped in July last year compared to January.

Carrie Stones, cat population control manager for the RSPCA, warned that owners are underestimating the commitment needed to look after a cat.

"We would always urge people to think about the long-term commitment that caring for a cat entails and to avoid making a snap decision about whether to take on a cat or kitten, for example, from family or friends or buying online," she said.

"Sadly, we see so many litters of kittens dumped like rubbish in the summer months because often owners have made this quick decision and can no longer cope, or the kittens have been an unplanned litter and a shock to the owner of the moggy mum!"

"There's no denying that kittens look cute but the reality of caring for them can be hard work, time consuming and costly. We, and other cat and vet organisations believe the solution to this crisis is to neuter cats from four months old."

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