The top gadgets for pet owners

The top gadgets for pet owners

As a pet owner, there is nothing more satisfying than getting a new gadget to make your pet parenting easier.

Whether it’s a gadget to help your dog walk go a little more smoothly or a cat gadget that helps you teach them to use their litter tray, we’ve found some great pet gadgets for you below.

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So once that’s sorted, it’s time for some fun!

Which of these great pet gadgets will be on your shopping list?

Top gadgets for cat owners

When you love your cat as much as most pet owners do, getting a new gadget for them can be a real treat.

Take a look at our top picks of cat gadgets that will make being a pet parent even more fun!

  • Cat water fountain

    Cats are renowned for being sassy, so if you can’t get your cat to do what you want then we’re not exactly surprised!

    If you need your cat to drink more water, however, it can be a nightmare if they turn their nose up at everything you put in front of them.

    With a cat water fountain, your puss will enjoy fresh water whenever they want to drink it, with the running flow coming in 3 settings to help even the fussiest of cats.

    This means you can make the water flow more gently for those kitties who are a little skittish of splash back. You can even find ones with no BPA materials and low power usage.

    Prices can range from £20 for a simple plastic fountain to £40 for a more stylish ceramic fountain available from places like Amazon, Argos, Zooplus and

    A water fountain can help your cat drink more water and prevent diseases like urinary tract infections that can be caused by a lack of hydration.

  • Cat diffuser

    It’s not just humans that love the scent of a diffuser running through the house, cat’s love it, too!

    Cat diffusers emit the scent of a happy cat pheromone felines give off when marking their territory for safety and security.

    As soon as they get a whiff of this scent, your cat is sure to feel more cosy and relaxed – just how you would like him/her to feel in your home!

    This cat gadget is perfect for the pet owner who wants to make their cat comfortable and particularly suits those fluffies who have recently moved house and are attempting to become acquainted with their surroundings.

    Feliway is one of the best-known brands of cat diffuser and you can pick up a classic diffuser for around £17 on Amazon.

  • Pet camera

    No pet owner wants to leave their pets home alone, although as it happens cats are known to be very independent so you really have nothing to worry about.

    However, if you miss your beloved kitty and want to check in on them on your lunch hour at work, a camera like this Pet Chat one allows you to have a word with your feline friend and tell them you love them.

    These can really range in price from £25 up to £200 depending on the brand, model and features but they can be wonderful for smaller cats who might need a bit of reassurance in the early days of being home alone.

    Definitely one to check out and although it’s more commonly used for dogs (simply because they like to see us more!), it’s perfect for sociable pussycats who like to spend time with their owners.

  • Cat food dispensing toys

    Kittens love playing with their toys, but as a cat gets older it can become a little lazy and less playful.

    To keep the kitten in them awake and thriving, cat food dispensing toys can be a great addition to your cat gadget collection.

    These relatively inexpensive toys you can easily find for under £10 motivate your kitty by allowing them small amounts of food when they figure out how to get it out by rolling it around.

    It’s great for their mental health and helps to keep them switched on and interested in finding their food. Look on Amazon, Zooplus or Lords & Labradors for some fun ones.

New kitten owner gadgets

If you’ve just become a kitten parent, you’re in for a real treat. In the early days, you’ll have so much fun with your new baby, playing with their favourite toys and keeping them entertained.

Kittens have a lust for life that is a joy to encounter.

Take a look at the top gadgets for kittens that will keep your little one occupied.

  • Ball toy for kittens

    A ball toy for kittens will keep them entertained for hours. This one has a motion activated ball that moves around and lights up as your kitten plays with it - adding an extra element of fun for your little furball all for only £2.50.

    It’s an ideal toy to leave your kitten with, as it will tap into their curiosity and keep them entertained.

    If you’ve had enough of playing with a piece of string, this cat gadget takes it up a notch and gives your kitten a treat for the senses that they’ll love!

  • Laser toy

    A laser is perfect for kitty owners who are busy or on the go and can’t give their cat the attention they need – and let’s be honest, when they’re small, the attention they need is pretty much 24/7.

    A laser toy gives your new kitten something to chase around and play with, and doesn’t even require any human contact!

    They are just as easy to find at your local supermarket or pet store as well as places like Fetch or Argos.

Top gadgets for dog owners

Where to begin with gadgets for dogs?

The market for dog gadgets is huge, meaning there’s lots to choose from for every doggy parent.

Take a look at these top dog gadgets for your canine friend.

  • Ball Launcher For Your Dog

    If you want to keep your pooch active, take a look at a ball launcher that you can buy on Amazon.

    Of course, we all love throwing the ball for our dogs, but sometimes we just need a break. That’s especially true if you’re a dog parent of a slobbery dog – we’re looking at you, golden retrievers!

    Avoid getting slobbery hands, and keep your dog super fit with a ball launcher that automatically keeps going when you don’t want to.

  • Doggy Grooming Tools

    Less of a gadget and more of an absolute essential for any dog owner who wants to reduce their vacuuming hours and keep their dog’s coat looking fresh.

    Take the dead hairs off your dog, with these dog brushes that prevent fur balls, matting and dead hair from ruining your gorgeous pup’s coat.

    You can buy these pretty much anywhere from your local supermarket or Amazon to a more specialised pet shop retailing from £8-£25.

    Top brands include the Hattiko for pups with extra long fur or the Furminator, which has been the subject of many a jaw-dropping Youtube video for the amount of fur it can actually take off.

  • Selfie Stick For Your Dog

    Always wanted to get the perfect selfie with your dog, but struggled to find the perfect angle and light to show people how close you really are?

    Then take a look at a selfie stick for dogs that can position their favourite toy right above the camera to keep them engaged while you get the perfect snap.

    There are just a few available on the market, this one retails in the UK for around £15-16.

  • Dog Backpack

    Dog backpacks aren’t just cute, they’re practical, too.

    Retailing from £16-£36 and easily searchable on Amazon, these lightweight bags are great for a long hike with your dog and are essential if you can't manage to carry their water yourself.

    Your dog will be able to carry their own treats, toys and water as you enjoy a lovely long walk with them.

    They are very comfortable, too – so unlike other harnesses, your dog won’t be trying to shrug it off the whole time.

Top gadgets for your puppy

  • Puppy Camera

    When your puppy is little you don’t want to miss a thing.

    Plus missing moments can mean the destruction of your furniture – seriously!

    So, to help keep your pup on his best behaviour even when you’re away you can opt for a puppy camera to keep you chatting to your little fluffy friend when you’re out of the house.

    It can be an expensive gadget with prices as high as £250 for a good one, but the memories it will give you with your baby will be priceless!

    There’s a barking alert, and the option to throw treats to keep them entertained, too. In many ways, it’s similar to a baby monitor for a baby dog.

  • Kong

    Kong toys are amazing for keeping that cheeky little puppy of yours out of trouble.

    At under £10, they are super cheap and well known for keeping puppies entertained for hours, especially those who love their food – and let’s face it, what puppy doesn’t?!

    Kong treats roll around on multiple tiers, and dispense treats once the puppy has tilted it the correct way.

    Ideal for curious little pups who need something to keep them distracted from chewing your slippers.

  • Puppy Dog Tracker

    Puppies are gorgeously curious little things, and if they find a scent they like it can be hard to bring them back to you.

    Whether they see a squirrel, a human friend or one of their own four-legged friends, they can be off in the blink of an eye.

    It can be hard to find them sometimes, and often they are actually just hiding in a bush in your garden having a snooze.

    To avoid losing your puppy, why not try this puppy gadget that tracks your dog.

    With a GPS tracker and fitness setting, your dog will be easy to find and fitter than ever as they grow up!

Protecting your animal with pet insurance

Cats, dogs, puppies and kittens all have one thing in common.

Well, actually two. The first is that as a pet owner, we love them very much. And the second is that they are pretty unpredictable.

They are always having tons of fun, which can sometimes result in accidents and illnesses that you really didn’t see coming.

When they happen, having cat insurance and dog insurance is really important to help you overcome the financial stress of helping your pet get back to full strength.

Whether you want to insure a single or multiple pets, we can help you compare a range of policies.

We understand how much you love your pet, and how important it is that you get the right cover to keep them safe.

As the UK's only dedicated pet insurance comparison website our site lets you compare cat insurance and compare dog insurance from some of the UK’s leading insurers.

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What type of cover do you need?

Take a look at the kind of policies we provide quotes for and see which one suits your needs best:

  • Accident only

    If you just want to find cover for an unexpected injury that can be caused by an accident, then an accident only policy could be perfect for you.

    Accident only policies serve the needs of owners who specifically want to cover accidents and injuries only.

  • Time-limit policies

    If you want a 12-month time-limited policy for your pet then that’s not a problem at all.

  • Maximum benefit policies

    Cover all costs for an accident or illness up to a specific limit with our comparison of maximum benefit policies. No new conditions will be covered.

  • Lifetime cover

    The most extensive coverage you can get, with new conditions covered, too.

    This policy covers the animal throughout its entire lifetime.

With Go Get It, you’re able to compare dog insurance and compare cat insurance in one handy place, so you don’t have to spend ages scrolling through lots of websites.

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