Top tips to stop your house from smelling of dog

Top tips to stop your house from smelling of dog

If you own a dog then you’ll be well aware of the numerous unpleasant smells you occasionally have to deal with. The smell of a wet dog, when Fido rolls in something disgusting and the general doggy smell that lingers in your house. If you’re thinking of getting a canine friend, you’ll need to be prepared to manage the smell of your pooch in your home.


How do I get rid of a bad smell in my house?


For some reason, no matter how much you wash them and try to keep the house clean, it still smells of your dog. Us doggy owners often become accustomed to it and because we smell it day in day out, we don’t even notice how our home smells to others. But guests will do. They’ll know you’ve got a canine friend as soon as they set foot inside the door.


Picture this, you’ve just gone out for a walk and it pours with rain. The moment they set foot inside they’ll spread wet doggy smell in seconds. Or you may have taken Fido to the sea, on a muddy walk or to a lake and the odour is even stronger. Let’s face it, pups smell - some breeds much more than others. It’s just something you have to manage if you own a dog.


And owners will know that just giving your pup a nice clean bath at home, even with the freshest smelling shampoo will no doubt cause some sort of distinctive smell. Yes, it’s an ongoing issue that owners face. But there’s no need to lose sleep over it, because, believe it or not, you can stop your house from smelling like a pack of wolves live inside. Read on to discover just how you can prevent bad canine smells in and around your home.


The type of breed you choose


Firstly, it’s worth mentioning that certain breeds are prone to being a little more smelly than others. Certain pedigree breeds can have a stronger smell. Pooches with really thick coats and tons of hair are naturally going to suffer more with odours, because bad smells easily get trapped in the fur. Large breeds that drool a lot and spread more dirt and mud around just might have a stronger ‘doggy’ smell than others.


So if you’re particularly sensitive to smells, you may want to consider what type of breed you get. For example, hypoallergenic breeds with coats that don’t shed often smell a little fresher and more importantly, are easy to keep clean. Here’s a handy list of low-shedding breeds that you can find on the Kennel Club’s website that includes breeds like the Irish water spaniel, bichon frise and poodle.


If you’ve already got a puppy and you just need to make the best of their canine smell, then read on, as we’ve got some top tips to help stop your home smelling like a dog kennel.


Making sure your pup is covered by insurance


Before we get into the finer details of how to keep your home smelling fresh and pup free, it’s important to discuss insurance. Before you get a dog, you’ll want to compare dog insurance and select the best cover for Fido. That way, if your pup has any health problems that might cause issues at home, you get them resolved right away, and you won’t have to shell out thousands to get your pooch feeling better again. Compare dog insurance by clicking here.


Top tips - how you can stop your house smelling of dog


  1. Vacuum furniture and clean floors regularly

As soon as a pile of fur starts to build up your house will begin to have a distinctive smell. All those skin, dust and dirt particles are lingering on carpets and furniture. One of the best ways to reduce any doggy odours is to keep your house clean and tidy, and that means regular vacuum sessions.

Vacuum cleaner cleaning strip on blue carpet

If you’ve got a canine buddy that moults then it’s well worth investing in a specific pet vacuum. These models are designed to collect all that excess hair and cope better with a huge influx of doggy fur. Here is a useful guide to the best pet hair vacuum cleaners by The Independent. And if you don’t have carpets then you’ll need to disinfect and wipe your flooring regularly.


If you keep on top of cleaning in the rooms in your house that Fido spends time in, you’re more likely to reduce any lingering smells.


  1. Wash dog bedding, toys and blankets

So you want to know how to stop your dog’s bed from smellingso bad? Your beloved canine companion sleeps on their bed every single night, so it’s obviously going to absorb their doggy smell. If your pooch has a material bed, then make sure you wash it on a regular basis, this can help stop their bedding from smelling bad and kill any nasty parasites that might be lingering after a walk.


You can also get hair resistant, waterproof beds which are easier to clean and tend not to smell as much. Here’s a review of the best waterproof dog beds if you haven’t got one already. Having a waterproof bed is also extremely useful for when your pup has the occasional accident, as the smell of doggy mess doesn’t soak in and you can clean it up quickly and easily.


And don’t forget to wash that plush cuddly toy your pup absolutely adores. You might have to drag it out his paws so that you can wash it, but toys, especially material ones can get quite stinky over time.


  1. Confine dogs to certain areas

If you don’t want your entire house to smell like a dog, then another way to get around this is to simply choose designated areas for them. For example, you might want to confine your pal to the kitchen and lounge only, and not allow them upstairs.


However, some love having Fido around wherever they are in their home, so the choice is completely up to you. Having your pooch in one or two rooms means less space to clean and you can have some areas of your home that are complete dog free. If they’re allowed everywhere then their smell has the opportunity to spread and it’s generally more work to keep on top of it. But what you do really does depend on your personal preferences.


And there’s also the question of whether to let your pup on the sofa and bed. If you do decide to ban them from the furniture, you might be able to help reduce the general dog smell around your home.


  1. Buy doggy perfume/deodorant

Did you know you can get perfumes for dogs? Yes, a short term solution for smelly furry friends is doggy perfume and deodorant. These are effectively scented sprays that are safe to put on their coat (do not use human ones, buy doggy friendly perfume only). Choose from a range of wonderful smelling scents and simply spritz on Fido on a regular basis to keep them smelling sweet. If your pup has sensitive skin though you may want to avoid using any sprays that might irritate their skin and speak to your vet about alternative milder options.


  1. Use air fresheners and pet odour sprays

As well as spraying your pup, you can spritz appealing smells around your home using a variety of products. You can buy scentless pet odour sprays that are made specially to neutralise dog odours and won’t be too overpowering. Some sprays can be used on furniture like sofas and also carpets to prevent them from smelling. And then, of course, you can try air fresheners in different rooms in your home.


Candles can work quite well too but do not use them around your canine companion, or leave Fido around them unsupervised. You may also want to consider investing in an air purifier. Having an air purifier in your home can help filter out poor quality air and keep your home smelling fresher.


  1. Always dry Fido after wet walks

Wet dog smell is very strong and extremely hard to get rid of. If your pet is constantly wet when they’re in your house, the smell will just get worse. It’s always a sensible idea to dry your pup off whenever their coat gets wet. That means towel drying them after wet walks and using a doggy dryer to dry their coat properly if they are washed or soaked through. Drying your pal properly can make an enormous difference to odour prevention and it’s much better for Fido as they won’t get chilly or have to sit there with a damp coat for hours.A wet dog sitting on leaf littered grass

  1. Wash and groom your dog regularly

If you don’t wash your pooch for a long time, the chances are, they will start to smell. You may not notice as much because you’re around them all the time, but people who don’t live in your home will. The cleaner and fresher smelling they are, the longer your home will stay odour free.


It’s important to wash and groom your them on a regular basis anyway for health and hygiene reasons. So, stock up on a decent dog-friendly shampoo and make sure you wash your pooch every now and then (how often you need to wash them exactly depends on their breed, age and coat type). Brushing your pup can help to get rid of any build up of dirt and also highlight any health issues that may be causing bad skin. And washing your them with a fresh smelling shampoo can do wonders for them and your home.


  1. Feed them a healthy diet

You may not have thought about this one, but what you feed dog can have a huge impact on their overall wellbeing, including their digestive system. It can affect their weight, health and even their skin. If Fido is eating a poor diet, the chances are they may suffer from tummy complaints and issues, which could result in some less-than-desirable smells. So be sure to feed your pooch a high-quality diet that’s well suited to their dietary needs.


  1. Go carpet free

OK, so this may not be possible for every dog owner. But if you’re thinking of getting a puppy and choosing what type of flooring to get, wooden or laminate floors are going to be an easier option than carpets. Purely because they are easier to clean, take less time to vacuum and you can clear up any accidents without doggy wee seeping into carpets.


  1. Throw away old leads and collars

It’s advisable to change your dog’s collar every now and then. They start to build up dirt over time, and unless they’re waterproof and you can wash them easily, you may want to replace them once they’ve run their course. Wet and dirty leads and other doggy items can leave a permanent smell in your home so throw away anything you no longer need or use.


  1. Clean paws before entering

Every time your dog runs gleefully in the house they spread mud and debris around your pad. It’s often their filthy paws that end up making a right mess. So you may want to keep a towel near your front door so you can wipe their paws and underbelly before they head inside. A quick towel down all over their torso will also stop them from shaking off as much dirt and moisture. You can also purchase dog runner mats that go just inside your front door and soak up mud from their mucky paws, helping to keep your house clean.

Fluffy brown dog sitting down with muddy nose

  1. Air your house regularly by opening windows and doors

Lastly, if you own a dog, you’ll want to air your home regularly. That means opening windows when you can and leaving doors open for a few hours to get fresh air circulating around the house.


How do I get the smell of dog pee out of my house?


The first thing to do is clean up any accidents as soon as they happen, as you don’t want that pee to soak into the carpet. Then it’s a lot harder to get rid of the smell. Soak up the wee with kitchen roll or cloth and try to get rid of as much of the moisture as you can.


Sometimes, Fido can go for a sneaky little wee and you don’t notice until it has dried. You can buy pet carpet cleaners that help get rid of these sort of stains, or try traditional carpet stain removers.


For a DIY option, simply put warm water over the stain, and use a water and white vinegar solution to remove it. Baking soda can also help neutralise the smell. But do check the type of carpet you have before you start pouring any substances on it.


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