What are pros and cons of owning a cat?

What are pros and cons of owning a cat?

Cats. We can’t live with them and we can’t live without them!

This seems to be the general consensus among cat owners. They give you a huge amount of pleasure, they’re affectionate and low maintenance. However, they also present their fair share of challenges.

In this article, we will look at the pros and cons that come with owning a cat as a pet.

But first, let’s start with the notion of ‘owning’ a cat. As far as cats are concerned, they have no owner.

Unlike dogs, cats march to the beat of their own drum. They are proud, independent creatures that like to fend for themselves.

Until they decide they don’t want to and become incredibly needy.

But that’s just a cat’s prerogative…

5 advantages to owning a cat

the pros of owning a cat

There are lots of advantages to sharing your home with a four-legged feline friend. Here are all the best bits…

  1. They make you happy

    When they’re not actively ignoring you or staring at you with disdain, cats can actually be very loving. They adore sitting on your lap and being stroked – and will purr their appreciation. And it’s not just your moggy that benefits from this companionship. Owning a cat can have a calming effect on you and help reduce stress. Having quality cat insurance will also reduce the stress if your pet cat was to get ill or injured. It’s been scientifically proven that a pet cat can help reduce the risk of high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and other health risks. Who knows? One day you might even be able to get kittens on prescription!

  2. They’re funny to be around

    Cats are funny. No scrap that, cats are absolutely hilarious. As kittens they are cute and playful, but their curiosity lasts well into adulthood – often with amusing consequences! They get themselves into strange positions, have a weird obsession with boxes and are partial to a spot of acrobatics. They persistently overestimate their abilities, which can be extremely entertaining. And that’s before they’ve had a whiff of catnip! They also seem to scare very easily – as the numerous cats and cucumbers videos in the internet confirm (btw, frightening your cat just for a laugh is very stressful for them and is not advised).

  3. Cats are low maintenance

    Compared to dogs, cats are very self-sufficient. As long as you change a cat’s litter tray regularly and give them enough food and water, they are generally more than happy and this means cats are wonderfully low maintenance. They don’t bark when someone knocks on the door and they clean themselves. They can also be left unattended while you go to work and don’t need much looking after if you go away on holiday. If your cat becomes ill, affordable cat insurance means you won’t have costly vets bills to deal with.

  4. You don’t need much space

    Many cats are perfectly happy living in a relatively small house or flat, as they’ll be out roaming around for most of the day anyway. In fact, all they really need is a source of warmth and a window they can gaze out of. In fact, lots of cats are perfectly happy with a life indoors.

  5. You won’t have a pest problem ever again

    One of the reasons humans first domesticated cats was for their hunting abilities. Cats are excellent hunters and will take care of most rodent or insect problems in and around your home.

5 disadvantages to owning a cat

the cons of owning a cat

So, that’s all the best things about owning a cat. What about the bad bits…?

  1. Your furniture is no longer safe

    Given half a chance, a cat will happily rip a piece of furniture to shreds. Some cats will also scratch at walls, clothes and even your face! Even if you buy them their very own scratching post and try various methods to lure them away from wrecking the sofa, they may continue anyway. You can insure your cat, but your furniture is another matter! You’re then faced with a choice: do you live with the tatty furniture or do you replace clawed items and hope you can retrain your cat to use the scratching post? Good luck with that one...

  2. They shed a lot of fur

    Unless you go for a completely hairless breed, your pet cat is going to shed its fur – lots of it. Cats’ fur is beautifully soft, which is great when you are stroking your pet, but not so great when it gets into every type of material around your home. It’s advisable to invest in a good brush and get a pet-hair attachment for your vacuum cleaner.

  3. They suffer from fur-balls

    For some reason, cats seem to throw up more than most other animals. It’s not because they’re ill (although if you are worried about your cat’s health, having cat insurance is a good idea), it’s just part of being a cat. Sometimes it’s food. Sometimes it’s a fur-ball (from all the hair they’ve swallowed during grooming). Either way, it can happen fairly regularly, so keep an eye out for any suspicious-looking splodges on the carpet.

  4. You have to deal with their litter tray

    There’s no other way of saying it: cat poo and pee stinks! They might do it when they’re out and about. But then again, they might do it in your home. They’ll instinctively want to use the litter tray, which is a blessing, but this means you do need to clean it. It’s a chore, but refreshing it every day is a must. If you’re really not keen, you could invest in an automatically cleaning litter tray or one that has a covered box to help reduce the smell.

  5. Be ready for their little ‘presents’

    As mentioned, cats are natural predators and while this means you’re pest-free, it also means you could be the recipient of little ‘presents’ you don’t want (dead or half-dead mice and birds). If you’d rather they didn’t, putting a bell on their collar will soon scupper their hunting plans.

So there you have it – five reasons why you should get a pet cat and five reasons why you shouldn’t rush into any decisions. If you do decide to take the plunge, give yourself total peace of mind with cat insurance. Get a quote today from the UK's only dedicated pet insurance comparison website.

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